Election day, 2012

November 6, 2012

OVERHEARD AT DARTS NIGHT: “My darts are getting tired.”

It’s election day in the US, and so I spent most of today waiting to vote.

Now, this is Bethel, and so “waiting to vote” for me also includes time spent brushing my teeth, teaching class, and writing this Glog.  The actual “waiting” time was approximately 8 seconds (spent saying my name clearly and receiving my ballot).  This is one of the great things about living in a small town; you need no ID to vote- just a name on the rolls.  They assume that no one would claim to be me that wasn’t, and let me right in.

So I voted.  And I came away with some questions-

  • What does the clerk of Probate do?  I vote for them all the time, and really, truthfully, I don’t know what they do.  What if I’m voting for someone to dump water on my head while I’m sleeping?
  • There are always several bonds on the ballot, and I’ve never seen any of them named James.  Why is that?  If I were proposing a bond, I would name it the James Bond, because really, who WOULDN’T vote for a James Bond?
  • Why don’t we ever have ballot questions that answer the eternal questions?  What if you went into the booth and QUESTION #19 1/2 said “Who put the bop in the bop-shoo-bop-shoo-bop?” follwoed by a line to write in the answer? (ok, in Bethel it’s not really a booth.  It’s a flimsy little table with partition walls, and you can hear people writing on their ballots next to you)

Even though I went ahead and voted, I left feeling like I should get something special for voting.  Not just a little sticker, something big.  Like pie. Or a full-size “I voted” American flag.

I also did some extensive research (Google) and discovered that there are a number of countries that don’t have voting rights. And in Saudi Arabia, women can vote, but can’t drive to the polling stations.

Can you guess what the first country to allow women to vote was? (Interesting fact: They allowed women to vote 26 years before letting them run for office).1

OK, enough about me, this is for all of YOU:  Go vote!

I hear there is a very close race for Clerk of Probate.



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  1. Avatar Alex Kerney says:

    I voted for someone to dump water on my head, but not while I’m sleeping: [img href=”https://dl.dropbox.com/u/6222631/images/_CSC0009.JPG” /]

    Adam Blackwell however prefers water to be dumped on his head while he’s sleeping, but I’m not sure it was on his ballot.

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