Eat Well…..

January 28, 2010

So nothing out of the ordinary this week…For Gould at least.

Unfortunately the Winter Carnival that was scheduled for Tuesday was postponed due to the 25inches of rain we got on Monday…That’s always good for pictures. Alas I have none……!
The snowboard team went to the mountain that morning instead and rode in not so brilliant conditions. But we had fun, and Sunday River has bounced back fantastically, as conditions yesterday were great.

Last night we had a speaker come in to chat about Nutrition, the On-Snow competitive teams had a talk specifically on “eat to compete”. Our guest talked about which foods are the best to eat prior and post competition/exercise. Very informative stuff. It was quite funny that one of my snowboard athletes said to me just today.

“it’s pretty hard to eat badly at Gould”
“you really have to try”

And he is exactly right……
I know Brian and his team get a little embarrassed when thanked publicly, so get ready to blush.

Thank you – for “making it hard to eat badly”

Tonight (Thursday) a handful of snowboarders and skiers will be taking the streets of Bethel and competing in a Rail Jam. Yes you heard correctly the streets….!

As part of Bethels Winter Festival week, Main St will be filled with snow and some rails will be set up for a night time competition. I’ll try and get some pictures to post next week.
So have a great week and I’ll Glog you all next week.

And lastly……The gratuitous plug for the Gould auction
Go bid and check out my snowboard lesson, as I said before. More bids – more pictures of me with hair……Go on….I dare you…….!!!

Note: I challenged myself to put as many links in this page as I can….Just for fun. Check ’em out.


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