Eastern Cup Weekend at Trapp Family Lodge

February 5, 2013

Last Thursday the Eastern Cup crew, Coach Kline and Coach Blazar loaded up the bus and trailer aiming to preview the weekend’s race courses early. The weather had another idea. We woke up to a downpour, drove in a downpour, and settled into our lodging amid the tail end of the storm. With the abrupt return of spring and the subsequent closing of all area trails, the kids were able to get in a good run and stretch. Then we hit downtown Stowe for some bagels at The Bagel and groceries.

A fresh coating of flakes paved the way for a pleasant morning ski at Trapps on Friday. Although we understandably couldn’t get on the course, there was a great practice loop set-up that the was perfect for some pre-race speeds and last minute technique tweaks. With a quick trip down the backside of the Trapp Hill Rd. (past the famous “Shaggy Cows”; see below for a picture of them!), we were back to our house in time for lunch and an afternoon of skyping into class/homework. The convenient location of our house made for a low-stress travel weekend…a luxury not only for the athletes but also the coaches!

Shaggy Cows (also known as Scottish Highlands Cows, which, like many Gould Nordic skiers, are built to thrive in cold weather):

On Saturday the J2 guys kicked off the racing. Having skied the day before, we knew conditions would be fast! Both J2 guys liked the course but couldn’t find that extra gear on some of the uphills. The women felt similar, but looked forward to kicking it up a notch on Sunday. Leela even said she loved those speedy, icy, downhill corners, and looked forward to catching other racers on them; not something you hear everyday from a J2 girl! The men’s race was a learning experience for all our older boys. Your eyes will get cold without sunglasses! Racing after being sick is hard! Staying on the trail is important! No matter, everyone learned something and hoped to crush Sunday’s race. (Unfortunately with the shuttling of kids and split taking we missed pictures from Saturday’s races.)

Sunday! A new day and a new opportunity to “pay the rent”. The waxing seemed straight forward but changed as the day went on, keeping us coaches on our toes.  Jennifer Supple, mom of Colby Skier, Jared Supple, was lucky enough to snap a photo of us running around:




Caleb and Aiden once again got the racing going. Caleb was pleased with his result, while Aiden was left wanting more after breaking the tip out of his pole basket on the ice in the last K, leaving him with a frustrating double-pole situation.





Leela loved the downhills and the stridable uphills:


The women and men both raced a 10k. Sadie continued her roll of great classic races and crushed her first 10k, finishing in the top 40 among college skiers and just outside the top 50 overall in an extremely tough field. A solid result for her first 10k. Here she is on the first lap (Is that a mid-race smile?):

Trapps looking very scenic:

The sun came out and warmed up the trail for the afternoon. The wax changed and thus the lack of pictures for the older boys yet again. That might be for the better as Marcello still felt the effects of his week long illness and Ashton found himself in the woods a few too many times. Both shrugged off the bad races and look forward to their next opportunities to race.

Looking ahead we will get a much needed and rare weekend on-campus this weekend. Coach Kline will head down to Beantown and the world famous Weston Ski Track with Schuyler to rep Western Maine at the BKL festival. Next week we will be ripping around New England once again with the Nepsac championships mid-week and an Eastern Cup the following weekend…Woohoo!


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