Earth Day @ Gould

May 1, 2015

This past Tuesday, Gould students took the day off from classes to celebrate Earth Day. Juniors started off the day with a college fair, and everyone else got to sleep in. We had three workshops that were taught by students, followed by presentation by Porter Fox, a really cool guy and author of Deep: The Story of Skiing and The Future of Snow. Environmental Science students gave workshops, about something along the lines of our surrounding environment and the junior AP English class gave tours of each building and its energy usage. Here’s Rose Goldberg ’15 teaching students about the  Vernal pools in our area:


And here’s a frog in one of those pools:


This was Corinne ’16 and I starting our energy tour outside on the Hanscom patio:


After three forty minute workshops, we had a few minutes to spare and climbed a tree and set up a hammock that wasn’t too sturdy.


Finally, here’s Porter Fox telling us about his life involving skiing and climate change:


I loved Earth Day because we got to miss school, and learn about a bunch of new stuff that isn’t taught in classes, (and I also had to give a tour to three advisory groups, which was a little out of my comfort zone, but ended up being really fun).

These photos were taken by Dirk MacKnight, who never fails to capture the best moments on and off campus.

See ya next Friday!


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