Earth Day 2012 at Gould Academy

April 23, 2012


Each year we celebrate Earth Day at Gould and each year the day is thoughtfully driven by student led workshops.



Tomorrow’s (Tuesday, April 24) celebration looks to be no exception.


Earth Day 2012 Workshop Descriptions


Red Lips, Green Conscience: Learn about the new movement in cosmetics to create chemical free make-up lines.

Methane Ice: Energy of the Future?: This workshop explores the potential of a “new” source to meet the increasing global demand for energy.

Tie-Dyeing With Natural Dyes: At this hands-on workshop, participants will be able to experience the benefits of using natural dyes. (Bring something white!)

Environmental Impact of the Ski Industry: Learn about the impact of ski gear production on the environment.

The Life and Death of Sunday River by Climate Change:  This workshop explores the reasons why Sunday River, and ski resorts around the world may struggle because of climate change.

The US and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: This workshop will look at the United States’ contributions to global greenhouse gas emissions.

Both Sides of Human-Made Global Warming: Is human-made climate change real, or a political creation?  This workshop will look at both sides of the argument.

Marine Pollution: This workshop looks at the impact of human pollution on the world’s oceans.

Barn Animals: Meet the animals that live at the Gould Barn.  Learn about their jobs at the barn and their history with humans.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree: Learn the benefits of eating locally grown organic food.

The Impact of Old Weapons on the Environment:  What do different countries do with their old military guns, tanks, vessels, and aircraft? Do their recycling efforts have a positive or negative effect on the environment?

Campus Energy Tour: Learn about Gould’s energy consumption, and the impact it has on the environment.

The Power of Trees: Learn about the economical and environmental impacts that trees have.

Burton Green Mountain Project: Learn about Burton Snowboard’s initiative to be more green.


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