Early Spring Road Trip

March 16, 2012



After much consultation and consternation over the weather and who was in and who was out, we finally settled on a skateboard road trip for March 3-6.  Matt and I left western Maine and drove down to Newburyport to crash at Eric’s home.  In the morning John and Evan joined us.  We rolled at dawn for Connecticut which Matt insists has both the best and worst skateparks in the East.  We started at Willamantic which features lots of ledges, rails, gaps and mellow tranny around the outside so that you can go and go.  Next, we hit the classic Bristol skate plaza and pool.  Then, it was down to Stanford where there are big walls and some talented street skaters.  This red haired woman did a switch hard flip and left before I got a chance to say hey.  We rushed down to Sayreville before dark.  By now it was getting cold, in the low 40’s.  We skated until it was dark, then zoomed down to Delaware and settled in at my sister’s home.


Day two we got up extra early to check out a yet-to-open park in Glasgow, Delaware.  The concrete was flawless and the amount of space was down right extravagant.  The street section was totally spread out.  The pool and other bowl were big and should be fun.  The place opens on March 20th.  Then, we went up to FDR for about four hours of tranny bashing.  I just love that place and everyone else did too.  We went by Kinetic Skate Shop on route 202 in Brandywine, DE.  It’s a great shop, excellent folks and they gave us some good tips for street spots.  We hit Rodney Square in Wilmington and then went by a D.I.Y. spot that the Kinetic folks helped build and maintain.  We skated with some nice guys who ride for Kinetic and then it started to snow.


For the final day we drove to New York and hit up Pier 62 which is all big tranny and large scale street features.  The place was totally deserted, so cool.  Next, we went way downtown to the West Village for Pier 25, a beautifully flawless street plaza.  Finally, we went north to Plainfield, Connecticut where there was this weird and wonderful snake run kind of thing.  Then,  it got cold and dark. You too should get out there and see how everyone else skates.  It is a big, wonderful, skate-able world out there and all of it is waiting for you, go!


We all filmed, but Matt Falconer made the video.


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