early skiin

November 23, 2009

Hey everyone. I’m writing to you as I lay in bed, barely able to stay awake. Yeah it’s only 7:45 on a Sunday night, but I’m absolutely exhausted. Probably because for the past few days, I as well as most of the Gould alpine team, have been able to stick around in Bethel and get some good pre-season training in. Sunday River only has one or two trails open, but they’ve done a good job maintaining a solid foundation of snow so we can at least get a handful of runs in each day. The lift lines however are disgustingly long, since everyone is packed into one trail and one lift. Meghan and I timed our wait in line today, and it came out to be about 20 minutes… horrible. But, even though we spend more time waiting in lines then actually skiing, its been good to be able to get out there and stretch out our ski legs a little before the season starts.

After skiing we’ve been working out, or mainly playing SPEED BALL on the campus fields. Definitely a ski team favorite. We also had a team dinner the first night which brought everyone together, and gave us a chance to meet the new members of the ski team – including the winter term 8th graders.

I hope everyone’s vacation is going well! See you in a little over a week.

*Photos courteous of Wyatt Costello


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