Eagle Parable Question #2

October 29, 2012

My Human Geo classes:

A continuation of the last assignment… Please answer the following question in the comments on this post:

Who do the different characters in the parable represent?

(If you need the text of the parable see the last post.)


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  1. Avatar Rola Chen says:

    In this story, Eagle is represent of African people; Owner is represent of the Europeans, and the naturalist is represent of the author he self.

  2. Avatar Ani Inman says:

    Chickens- slaves, people that are treated badly
    Eagle- people who are free and can be who they want to be
    Naturalist- person who can see potential in people
    Other man- thinks people should stay where they are

  3. Avatar Will Harvey says:

    The chicken farmer is the Europeans who want Africa to themselves. The naturalist is people who want the Africans to be free. The eagle is the Africans. Chickens are the slaves.

  4. Avatar Andrew Siegel says:

    The eagle represents the native Africans, the man who tamed it was a European colonist. I’m not quite sure who the man trying to get the eagle to fly is though. He could represent another native African, the author, or some sort of higher power.

  5. Avatar Will Cole says:

    The chickens in this parable references the oppressed Africans and how they are being “raised” by the Europeans. The eagle symbolizes the life the natives should be living. Lastly, the naturalist fits the image of one who could inspire the natives to break free of the European grip.

  6. Avatar Boxin Zhao says:

    Eagle menas African people, naturalist is himself. The owner is European colonists

  7. Avatar Brad Fessenden says:

    The Eagle is the oppressed Africans the owner is the Europeans and chickens are the slaves.

  8. Avatar Jacob Bennett says:

    Eagle – Africans
    Other Birds – Europeans/normal
    Owner – Controlling Europeans
    The Naturalist – People (like the author) trying to set the Africans free

  9. Avatar matt wolf says:

    I think that the eagle is the african people.
    The owner of the eagle is the europeans
    The naturalist is the africans Who are trying to get out of european rule.

  10. Avatar Anna Lee says:

    The characters in this story are the native africans, the europeans and the hope givers. The owner is the Europeans repressing the africans and isolating them from their culture. The eagle is the Africans who are being “raised” and educated in different ways then is natural to them. And the Naturalist is hope, anything that brings the Africans back to their culture.

  11. Avatar Dattar Khalsa says:

    I think the eagle represents the Africans being held down and the farmer represents the European colonialists that are holding the Africans down .

  12. Avatar Robert Zhu says:

    In my opinion, the eagle represent the Africa; the owner represent the European, especially those European dominator; the hens are those people who was under European control; the naturalist is a guide who would take change to Africa.

  13. Avatar Jules paulay says:

    The eagle are those who can be free and the and the chickens symbolize slaves because they cannot fly.

  14. Avatar Jim Lo says:

    I think the eagle represent Africa, the owner represent Europe and naturalist represent savior.

  15. Avatar jiang wei says:

    i think the eagle represent the africans, and the owner he represent the european. The naturalist is to change africans

  16. Avatar Yutaro says:

    In this story, the chicken means enslaved africans ,and the eagle means Africans people , i mean not enslaved africans

  17. Avatar Ward Saunders says:

    I think that the man represents the Americans. The Bird represents the Africans and the bird trainer represents the Europeans.

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