Double Rodeo

December 13, 2012

Bo working on his double rodeo

The Double Rodeo is a pretty hard trick….! So when Bo Warren ’15, a freshman at the time, announced that he wanted to learn them. The coaches knew it would be an uphill battle, but knowing Bo they also knew it was an attainable goal.

And so the process began on learning a trick that was first brought to the world in the summer and fall of 2010.

So how do you go about this..?

First of all you ride a lot, 100+ days a year. Having control of your board and being comfortable with it being strapped to your feet is key. Bo does that at Sunday River where he is a student at Gould Academy and a member of the Gould Academy Competition Program Snowboard Team.

Second, you work hard on the trampoline, learning spacial awareness and the ability to land on your feet after multiple flips and spins.

Third, take these skills to the mountain, with the use of an Air Bag, a big bag of air that cushions your landing so that the athlete can feel how the trick behaves in the air.

Finally, when the rider and the coaches are satisfied that the trick can be attempted safely on snow…..It’s go time….!



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