October 14, 2014


I have a VERY special glog to bring to you all today. It’s a double feature! That’s right, two glog posts for the price of one!! So don’t forget to scroll on down and read part II, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I should apologize in advance for stepping on Mr. Alford’s day. I realize this could initiate a glog battle (Mr. Alford is very fond of them) and I gladly accept the challenge.

To make up for the past two weeks of silence I’ll fill you in. There has been: Classes – A Mountain Bike Race – Lot’s of homework – Mountain Day! – an SAT (I didn’t take this one luckily!) – A Physics Test – AND, we got a dog!!


So, three days ago I came home from school late, almost 10 O’clock, exhausted. When, to my greatest surprise, I opened the door to find a yellow lab mix walking around, wagging his tail and acting like he owned the place. Turns out, now he does. Yes, that’s right folks, we got a dog! His name’s Jake (we’ve changed it several times in the course of the three days) and he’s super sweet. He does this bark/growl thing when he’s really happy and it sounds like he’s yodeling. It’s hilarious. He’s tall enough to eat food off the counter (learned that one the hard way). He came trail riding with us Sunday and we found out he’s fast enough to outrun us on our bikes. Oh and he loves to curl up into tiny balls.

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For me, arguably the best part of every day starts in the afternoon when I arrive at the Bike Barn. Mr. Southam, a.k.a our fearless leader, always has a new joke to try out, some outrageously random observation or some commentary that I find myself laughing at day in day out (today’s piece of advice: Don’t eat anything bigger than your head). Once I get beyond Mr. Southam and proceed upstairs, bread, PB&J and whatever left over snacks parents have made for our races, greets me. After eating a snack and settling down (or quite the opposite) the team and I go out and get lost in the woods on mountain bikes. Although this year has been rather tame on the lost side, we have had some great adventures. Most memorably, the Tuesday ride that went out behind Telstar.

As soon as we arrived at the trails, we realized they had been logged and were mostly unrideable. So what did we do? We rode them. Or walked them. It was a little of both. After a certain point the trail we were following dead-ended and we started bush whacking with the intent of coming out on Intervale Road. It is important to note that Mr. Southam was in favor of turning back, but we were too stubborn. So we walked. We biked. We crashed. As we battled our way through pine trees and pricker bushes on an unidentifiable path. There was some swearing. There was a lot of laughing. Nobody got lost and we did get home for dinner. It’s rides like these that I love the most and are why I enjoy the sport.

In keeping with the theme of my last post I’ll leave you with yet another mountain bike team video featuring Jacob, Chase, Nick and Brendon on the new downhill trail: 


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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Enjoyed the double feature. Met Jake today and he is a sweetie! The jump on the downhill trail looks like fun:) Will it be in the race on Saturday??

    • Avatar melissaseib says:

      In the hope of preventing injury, it will not be included this year. Otherwise it would be a rather fun spectating location 😉

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