Dorm is Quiet again

December 20, 2007

Did I mention it’s snowing AGAIN, Mother Nature is really dealing the snow lovers here at Gould a early winter we haven’t seen 76 years….! OK maybe not 76, more like 7… But it’s pretty cool. Back in Britain, I don’t think we have had snow on the ground on Christmas Day for 80 or 90 years, and that is a fact. It comes and goes in a matter of hours, due to the fact that it’s always followed by rain. Imagine that….!!

So last night was Yulefest, what a treat. Every year I’m totally blown away by the standard of our performers, both musically and vocally. A real Holiday feel, I know how hard the performing arts department work, and it really shows.
After the Yulefest, the annual cookie walk over in Ordway, with such a selection of cookies it was overwhelming, a great little charity event, with the proceeds going to buy toys for the less fortunate in the Bethel area.

So if you were at any of the above events, can you tell me something that was missing……..facial hair…! Yes, Wednesday was the first day many had shaved their beards in a very long time. Some gentlemen went crazy with the razors and shaved heads as well. Bret Shifrin told me ” It’s a science experiment, I want to see which grows faster, my head or my face” Good luck with that one Bret….!!
As most of you know, Helen and myself live on the first floor of Davidson, so we will be tracking the progress of our beard growers Paul and Nikolai. Pictured, my money is on Paul, he has been putting in some serious training through the month of November…!

Chris &Helen


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