October 24, 2014

For those of you who don’t know, dodgeball is a huge part of dorm culture here at Gould

Most of the dorms, especially Davidson, have after-study hall activities (on occasion), which can be anything from dodgeball to capture the flag.

For our first residential rumble (which is a competition between each of the three dorms and the day students), we had a school wide game of dodgeball between the day students, Gehring, Holden, and Davidson. The teachers split up the teams so that Gehring and Davidson were on one team, and Holden and the day students were on the opposing team. For each residential rumble each dorm dresses up in their dorm color. Davidson is orange, Gehring is pink, Holden is black, and day students are red. Here is a video of the first residential rumble shot by Chris Jones ’15:

While there’s usually only one or two dodgeball residential rumble’s per year, Davidson plays dodgeball at least once every month.  We never know when there’s dodgeball, because Madame usually waits until 9:00 to announce that there will be dodgeball following study hall, which adds to the excitement of playing dodgeball.

Dodgeball seems like a simple thing, but it is an activity that brings the dorms together and strengthens the bond between students in each dorm. And that is one of the many reasons I love dodgeball at Gould.

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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    I had no idea that dodgeball happened like this at Gould! Thanks for sharing that. Loved the video – Chis did a great job putting that together.

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