Do You Know What a Crumpet Is…..?

April 13, 2011

So I’m sure we’ve told you about our British tradition on room inspection day before, but maybe we haven’t. If you know our little secret then STOP reading now…..!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with our room inspection antics, here we go.

Typically on Tuesday mornings over the whole campus teams of faculty check the cleanliness of the dorm rooms. Scary I know……!

We’re checking for all floor space that should be visible  is visible. Desk space is clear for work. Trash is where it’s supposed to be, in the dumpster (we say skip in England). Floors are vacuumed (Hoovered). Recycling, is recycled. And beds should look like something you can sleep on…!

So after these chores are complete, the 3rd floor of Gehring where we live is treated to a morning brew (tea, coffee or hot chocolate) and crumpets, a traditional English delicacy. The girls smear one of the following on top: Nutella, lemon curd, marmalade, maple syrup, Lyons Golden Syrup (the oldest unchanged brand in the world) or jam. You’ll have to ask them what their favorite is; it’s pretty varied.

We sit, chat, and contemplate the day. Very civilized.

So, for the person who sends in the best description of a crumpet, we will send you a packet. Or if you live in the Bethel area, you may be invited to be our guest one morning for Tea and Crumpets. We may pick the funniest or actually the correct answer.

Good Luck

By the way, I was going to write about the Boys JV Lacrosse Team’s first game of the season that I watched in the rain, an 8-7 win over White Mt School. But, I changed my mind. But Jonathan Scheidegger seems happy.

Two thumbs up for Gould Huskies JV Lax

All the Best

From the Davies’s’s’s’s’s


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