Do you have snow…?

March 19, 2009
Well we do….!!!

There is still probably 2 feet on the top field (Lombardi Field) and at the mountain we will be riding and skiing for the next 2 -3 weeks.

Even though we do have a lot of snow in Bethel, there is one spot that is as green as a lush field in the valleys of Ireland.

The Schroy Field, located behind the Headmasters house has been plowed, and the Huskies are in town….!!!!
That would be the Boys Lacrosse team. Here for a training camp prior to the up coming season. The field has already seen some action, with the the girls hockey team using it in the fall. But with visiting Lacrosse teams from Bridgton Academy and Tilton the boys are really getting into it.
So make sure you get yourself to Gould the spring and watch the all the Huskie teams do their thing…!!!


Good bye for now
Chris D

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