“Do you have any more virgin fruit flies?”

February 14, 2012

You hear a lot about skiing and other so-called “extra-curricular” activities on this Glog, and for good reason. Most of us Gloggers are active people, and tend to be involved in a lot of school activities besides classes. It’s true for me too–skiing takes up a big chunk of time in my life and it is something I have a lot invested in. But it has come to my attention that some readers may get the impression that we don’t go to class very often. This, I assure you, is false. I spend just as much time in class as I spend skiing, if not more. In fact, I can’t believe I haven’t really written about classes at all on the Glog. So, I thought I would share some interesting moments from class in the past few weeks. Some of them may be surprising. Here are some things I have done:

  • Bred fruit flies to express a variety of genetic traits. This experiment sparked the remark: “They all have wings–can I kill them now?”
  • Created E. coli bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics (don’t worry, we don’t plan on releasing them–and they can’t infect humans…yet.)
  • Made 3-D models in the pottery shop and measured their volumes using calculus–the last time I had so much fun in math class I was probably in 3rd grade–and we were playing with blocks!

    Photo by Dirk MacKnight

  • Had a discussion with a real live author in English class (see Izzy’s post: Black Boy, White School)
  • Practiced for a concert that my friend Abbie and I will be performing in April

How, you may ask, can one student have so many exciting classroom experiences? One answer is to take a lot of classes. That has certainly been my way of doing things. I take 4 AP classes and 6 in total this winter, down from 7 in the fall. Two of my classes are music: chorus and an independent music theory that will culminate in a concert this spring, like I mentioned.

Wondering what those are? They're amino acids, the essential building blocks of proteins!

Having a full class load is, obviously, a lot of work. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. How does that saying go? “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” In actuality, I don’t believe that saying at all. In fact, I think some of the most creative ideas come when you’re not particularly engaged. But there is something to be said for having a full and productive schedule. I like to feel like I am getting the most out of my time here, while there are teachers and students for me to work and converse with. Also, here’s a hint: The busier you are during the regular school year, the more thoroughly you will be able to relax and enjoy your time off. No joke.

With that in mind, break is just around the corner. It’s all anyone can think about, and it should be a good one! Until next time,

-Molly S.



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  1. Avatar Spidermom says:

    Wow! I am really impressed. You have learned more and in more depth than I learned in college. Keep up the good work!

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