“Do What You Like, Like What You Do!”

October 23, 2011

I apologize for this late Glog post, I had an awesome day (away from my computer)! I’ve been REALLY looking forward to posting this Glog for a week now, but this amazing day was postponed from last week until today. I woke up at 5:45, was at the Bell Tower at 6:30 and went hiking with Ms. Eaton and Scott Cameron.

A few weeks ago, the three of us went hiking together. On top of our first summit, we decided to hike the Franconia Notch Loop the following Sunday. However, as it always seems to do in New England, it rained cats and dogs last Sunday. So we postponed it until today, which leaves me here on my chair with a couple of sore legs, 10 and a half hours later (7 and a half hours of hiking) and some very, very fond memories.

Ever since I received my first “Life is Good” shirt, I have tried to live by the motto “Do What You Like, Like What You Do.” It’s taken me as many places as my feet could bear to walk, and made sure that I had a greater outlook on life than before. Optimism is a great virtue and has helped me in many endeavors.  Its lifted me as I’ve begun my Adirondack 46’er experience, skied countless runs, mountain biked, dabbled in road biking, came to Gould, learned to play piano, studied countless hours, I could go on and on!

On a beautiful 40 degree day like today, the experience of spending the day hiking 9 miles with two good friends and taking in the beautiful scenery was SUPER FUN!  Seeing “snow” (mostly rime ice) was a great indicator that more sub-freezing, hopefully snow-filled nights are soon to come!  I enjoyed every minute of it, and I don’t think I could describe to you how great it was in a timely manner, so the pictures will have to suffice.

The Trailhead Sign. We hiked up to lafayette the opposite way, then down by the Greenview Hut. It totalled 8.9 miles in length.

This is the ridge line that we hiked for 1.7 miles. Almost ten minutes later, the cloud coverage engulfed the top, taking away the view. It was really pretty with the sun hitting just one face.

And this is the wonderful view, you can see the backside of Cannon Mountain(the large cliff face) in the foreground.


In other news, it seems like most of the sports teams had a successful weekend. I know the mountain bike team had fun getting dirty on a super muddy course!  Also, tomorrow our Dining hall crew will be serving no- meat meals all day, reducing our carbon footprint by limiting the amount of emissions used to raise meat and buying local produce to shorten the trip our meals take from the farm to the tables in Ordway Dining Hall.  While I’m sure some of you may grumble at the thought of a meat free day, I’m very excited for this, and feel that it is a step in the right direction trying to keep Gould Eco-Friendly!

Blue Skies and Happy Trails,



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