Dinner With Sage

February 20, 2014

So what’s it like to have dinner with Gold Medalist ? Well in June I got the privilege to do this very thing with ’98 Nagano Winter Olympics Halfpipe Gold medalist Ross Powers, and although it was pretty cool, it really was just five or six middle aged adults eating dinner in Hood River OR. So even though Ross is a great guy and good friend, he’s not a “fresh” Gold Medalist.

So while flicking through my social media this evening, I came across this picture.

Screenshot 2014-02-19 20.21.18

I was intrigued, so I called the smiley Brian Schroy, Snowboard Team and Gould alum class of ’07 to get the full story.

“Oh have I got some stories for you…!” Brian informed me.

It turns out that the company that he works for in NYC, MFA (Missy Farren & Associates) works closely with USSA and represents their Team athletes. This allowed Brian to be part of Sage Kotsenburg’s chaperone team around NYC  for the first stop of his media tour of the US.

“When Letterman came back stage after Sage had done his slot, David was really enthusiastic about his newest interviewee, saying he was one of his favorite guests ever , so cool and fresh” Quite a compliment from a guy who has met thousands of celebs.

“What else did you do with Sage ?” I asked.

” We went for dinner”

“And how was that ?” I really wasn’t sure how different it would be to my middle aged hamburgers and and fish and chips.

“It was pretty cool, Sage was recognized pretty quickly and before you know it dinner was paid for by an admirer, then champagne, then desert…!”

Yup, it was different. It seems like a  fresh Gold Medalist really does have a little bit more pull in a restaurant.”

Screenshot 2014-02-19 21.10.42

“And so you got to wear his medal..?” I asked.

“No, the medal was Joss Christensen’s the Freestyle Ski Slopestyle winner, he came into the office and we all got to try it on it was really cool. Hopefully we’ll have more come through, I think Ted’s on his way….”

Watch this space.



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