Dinner anyone?

April 13, 2010
What does this photo make you think of?

Students involved with Gould Goes Green likely answered, “dinner!” Last week the Gould Goes Green group met with Brian Scheidegger, head of dining services, to talk about some options for a low impact formal meal. Much of our food travels across the country or around the world before making it to our plates. The meal we’re planning will be produced primarily here at Gould and in our broader community.

This garden space, on the west side of Gehring, facing Ordway, will be used to grow salad greens and spinach. Rosemary Wiser (Gould senior) has offered to spear-head the greens production as part of her Environmental Science final project. She’ll welcome help from students involved with Gould Goes Green and Farm and Forest.
The spinach will be used for a spinach mushroom quiche. The eggs for the quiche will come from our own hens, like this hard working Barred Rock hen tucked in the nesting box.

We’re still working on the details, but we hope to add local carrots, apples, and mushrooms to the mix. We’re also keeping our eyes and ears out for someone collecting and selling fiddle heads. Fiddle heads are the edible tender shoots produced by certain types of wild ferns in the spring.

In other news, we’re still waiting for our sheep to have their lambs. Our two dark sheep, Hannaku and Ginger, look like they’re ready any day now. We’ve started doing regular “lamb checks” down at the barn. This morning’s early check was a treat. The cool air, combined with a sky that was just starting to glow in the east made for an invigorating walk to the barn.

Hopefully by next week’s GLOG entry I’ll have pictures of new lambs! This year their names will begin with the letter “M.” We welcome suggestions!


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