Dining Hall Hacks: What we eat at Gould (part 1)

January 21, 2014

OVERHEARD IN SPANISH CLASS: “You are forgiven this once for using Google Translate. Next time…the sword comes out.”

Gould students are clever. Really clever. Just go outside after a snowstorm and see what students are using for sleds. The answer is: Pretty much everything. Not that this is always efficient or effective. I’ve seen students spend an hour and a half trying to get out of a 15 minute assignment. But all procrastination aside, at least until tomorrow, I find Gould students to be innovative, creative, and…well, innovative, in their approaches to life.

If you want to see real creativity, just browse through the dorm rooms in Holden Hall. Those boys will come up with amazingly creative ways to try and disguise clutter.

“That? No, it’s not dirty laundry, it’s a biology experiment in spontaneous generation!”
“My trash? No, I CAN’T take it out! I’m saving it for landfill, for when the oceans rise.”

Things like that. So while sitting in the dining hall during study hall (see last week’s Glog) I decided to ask some students to help me…help YOU.  Yes you, citizens of Gloguador, you who eat in our dining hall every day. In a word, let’s talk Dining Hall Hacks. I mean, Dininghallhacks. That word.

The food in Ordway is excellent by any standard, and anyone who has eaten more than once in any OTHER boarding school’s dining hall will happily attest to the quality and diversity of our food here at Gould.  But let’s face it-sometimes we all want to dress up our food a little. You know, like a life hack. But not life. Dining hall. Here’s mine: I like to mix together ranch dressing with sriracha sauce.

The combination is both hot and cool. Try it!

Tonight I did some extensive research (asked the 9th graders in study hall) and learned that

A: 9th graders are innovative, creative people, and

2: 9th graders are confused by weird questions.

But they were up to my challenge to write down some of their Dininghallhacks, and, in no partiular order, here they are:

  • “Mix lemonade and tropical orange drink together” 
  • “Cut up an apple and put honey all over it” (2 people said this)
  • “Mix granola, milk, and peanut butter”
  • “Toast oatmeal bread, then cover it with butter and cinnamon/sugar mix”
  • “Put brown sugar and raisins into any yogurt”
  • “Add sriracha to pasta. I love spicy food.”
  • “Put thick soup on pasta.”
  • “Put rice together with salad and soy sauce.”
  • “On days with the shrimplets, put some into an empty Lays bag to go.” (I don’t recommend this)
  • “Take pasta or rice, put whatever the entrée over it, and make a sauce out of chopped tomatos, olive oil, salt, pepper, and whatever else I can find, just to spice it up (overachiever- I’m coming over for dinner.).”
  • And the ever-popular “I really don’t do anything to my food, except for eating it.”

What Dininghallhack would YOU share with the Gould community? Feel free to write yours in!

COMING UP NEXT WEEK: Dining Hall Hacks, part 2-Advice from Seniors


2 Responses

  1. Avatar greggilman says:

    I’ve been wanting to write this blog for years! Guess I’ll have to make mine a video series.

    My hack is: Entrée + Wrap + Cheese + Panini Press = Ordway Hot Pocket.

    Last night’s breakfast for dinner became a bacon, egg, and cheese burrito.

    Oh, and Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce > Sriracha

  2. Avatar Chaia says:

    Rice. With butter. I mean, not overly fancy, but I put the butter into the bowl first, so it melts faster

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