Design Thinking + Hidden Spaces

October 22, 2014

Before the faculty spent time addressing the design challenge of organizing and furnishing Hanscom Hall and MSC, they spent an hour walking through the buildings.  It was the first time in my 20+ year tenure that all the doors to all the spaces were open–including the cupola!

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 6.49.24 PM

Oliver, Sessions, and Coach Brucey enjoying the cupola adventure.


Opening spaces and encouraging explorations helped set the tone for a good collaborative atmosphere .  Faculty worked in 8 groups of 8 to come up with ideas for the classroom upgrades.  We then shared our ideas to the whole faculty. The next step is to sift though the piles of sticky notes and annotated blueprints to look for patterns. This work is done by the department chairs, who will in turn develop a few prototypes for consideration.



As a facilitator, it was great to see people follow the design thinking process so naturally  and to now be able to work with such diverse and creative thoughts. Here is the design challenge board that is in the foyer of Hanscom–hopefully, students will give it a look and start asking questions. I hope to run the same design thinking workshop with them.


Stay tuned! And is you have any ideas, feel free to pin some here: Pinterest/  Hansom Furniture Ideas.


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