Design Thinking A New Library

March 24, 2014

A quick communique from Matt this morning at 11:20am:

Poor connections so there’s only one picture, but it captures a day of Gould students working with Tumaini students to design their new library.

Design thinking a new library

Sara Shifrin designed and ran this powerful design thinking exercise with students and faculty (4 sessions, 90 students, 21 faculty).

Dinner tonight at a restaurant that serves hamburgers and other familiar fare. Home stays begin tomorrow night.





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  1. Avatar miasnowpls says:

    Go Mommy (and GA students)! I’m glad that your design thinking worked out.

  2. Avatar Cary Huggins says:

    Nice shot…Kiernan looks quite engaged. Love to hear more about the “powerful design thinking exercise” when you get home.

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