Deciding my Future

April 28, 2008

Hello All, welcome back to another weeks posting of Glog. This week has been a turbulent and stressful week for me, for I have been wrestling day and night with the dilemna of which college I should attend: Tufts University or Boston College. I went down to Boston on Thursday for a final visit to both before sending in my decision. On Thursday I met with the Tufts Lacrosse coach, Mike “Tufts Lacrosse Coach” Daly, who is a great guy, and I talked with him for a while about hopefully playing for Tufts if I decided to go to Tufts. I then went to the President’s house for a reception, and the President Lawrence “Larry” Bacow turned out to be a wonderful guy. The next day I went to an open house revisit day kind of deal at Tufts and did a ton of different things all throughout the day. Then in the second half of the day, I went to Boston College, where they were having their Festival of the Arts. I walked around BC for a while, and took in everything I could. At the end of the day, I was still very undecided; both had great campuses and were right on the edge of Boston, and I just could not make up my mind. I went to my brother Finn “Ham Sandwich” Donovan’s lacrosse game at UNH on Friday night, and talked about my dilemna with brother Emmett “Big Luger” Donovan and Brother Angus “Beard” Graham, but was still undecided. I was still undecided all throughout the weekend, until Sunday night, I sat down with my parents Pat “Mama Don” and Neil “Doug” Donovan and talked about the situation. At the end of the night, I decided to go to Tufts University and become a Jumbo. It feels good now to know where I am going next year, and the help that college counseling gave me was greatly appreciated.
As for school at Gould, a trend has been showing up in that many of my classes have switched to reviewing all that has been learned so far, seeing as how the AP tests are in almost a week. It will feel good to have the tests off of my back and then it is only a few weeks till Graduation! Scary.
Well that is all thats really happening right now, but I’m hoping that next week is more eventful, but it may not be. But to find out, you should tune in next week.


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