December 16

December 16, 2008

First the REALLY big news around here: Seniors are hearing from colleges and universities. Some of the schools that have wisely accepted Gould students include Stanford, Stonehill, New York University, Bates, Mount Holyoke, St. Lawrence, Montana State, Emerson, George Washington… I am certain I haven’t heard all the news.

The other big topic from the weekend was the Snowball! The formal dance is preceded by dinner in Ordway and appetisers in Holden. The students seem to have a great time dressing up and dancing, as do the faculty and families.

Posing for pictures

How do we look? (love the digital camera)

Lauren Head with her elves, Reiley, Alexander, and Caroline

Faculty grazing in Holden lounge

Brit’s reaction to her first kiss!

By this time next week Gould students will be all over the world with family and friends!

Until next week,



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