Days Off…

October 21, 2010

So for our couple of days off, we ended up in NYC.

And it just so happened that the Mannings were also there, Great….!

Sam and Alexa NYC

Even better, Denise arranged a little gathering with the help of Gus Levy ’01.

A toatl of 9 alums turned up to the Blue Ribbon Bakery in the West Village. Ranging from Marty Odlin ’00 to Sam Wadhams ’07.

Idin and Hadley in NYC

All who live in NYC right now. With various stories of universities, jobs and start up business’s.

In attendance. Gus Levy ’01, Idin Dalpour ’03, Greg Schroy ’04, Hadley Planting ’03, Ben Phillips ’06, Sam Wadhams ’07, Marty Odlin ’00, Alexa Stark ’07, Jen Guneyli ’06

Lots of stories, and at the end of the evening swapping of phone numbers with new friends and business deals made….!

Gus and Denise and Marty's good side...! NYC

Great night.


Chris and Helen


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