Day Two of Workshops

February 24, 2011

Day two of the workshops started off with a  bang! Students jumped right into working.

The blacksmithing studio was filled with fire, hammering, and welding. The sculpture the students have been working on is starting to shape and looks great!

Jaime is practicing his welding skills. So far so good.

Even Lydia jumped in on the action. She is a natural.

The encaustic paintings are coming out beautifully. Students are developing their stencils, they are experimenting with color, and it is paying off.

The actors in Bingham were busy finding their voice today this morning. It was funny to watch students explore different voices. Many of the students have a natural talent for improv.

I think Neil found his voice.

Looks like they are having some success.

The bamboo bike is progressing nicely. Today the sophomores were applying carbon to the bamboo to secure it, and make it stronger. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Erik is on top of it.

John is really enjoying his time building this bike. He is already thinking about pursuing this for his senior four point.

And of course, the chefs. They have been busy all day cooking up a storm. Making truffles, making soup, frying brie. YUMMY!

Look at these two. Great teamwork!

Mmmm, white chocolate raspberry truffles.

All of the workshops are going great! The students are taking in all kinds of new information, the smiles and laughing that are happening all around campus show their excitement.


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