Day Three of Workshops

February 25, 2011

A new group of students began working in new workshops today. After two days of hard work in the first workshops, students switched it up and tried something completely different than the previous workshop they were a part of.

The chefs spent the morning preparing chickens. I think they had more fun posing with them, than actually preparing them. All of the students preparing food this week have been working very hard, they have also learned a lot. I’m not sure all of them knew how to de bone a chicken , or filet salmon, or julienne vegetables, but they learned this week.

Did you know that the first three layers of onion don’t have any flavor? I didn’t.

The new students taking part in the bamboo bike building started work on another bike today. They appear to be doing a great job, and working very fast.

Here Karen is working on hot glueing the bamboo to the foam to secure it into place. It is amazing how quickly the bamboo bikes come together. Marty told the students last night that he can produce a bamboo bike in only two hours. I guess practice does make perfect.

The actors were quite entertaining today. In the morning students took part in some improv lessons. When I stepped into watch them in action students were imagining putting problems into imaginary boxes, and throwing them across the room. They also practiced screaming as loud as they could, it was loud.

During the afternoon session students were engaging in an activity where they stood in a circle. One student at a time jumped into the center of the circle and another student told them what action to perform. Nate was told to be a ballerina dancer, he did a wonderful job.

The blacksmiths completed the remaining scrolls for the Gehring sculpture. They had some free time this afternoon and did some independent work. Some of the students made belt buckles, while others made sculptures and worked on mastering new found skills.

Happy blacksmiths.

The printshop was full of the smell of melting beeswax. The students who were introduced to the art of encaustic painting today were making progress with prints.

Prints and patterns were being made early this morning.

Lily jumped right into working.

Only one more day left to explore the sophomore workshops. Some of the students have a lot of work to do before the end of the day tomorrow, food needs to be cooked, prints need to made, bikes need to built, sculptures need to be hung, and actors need to perform.


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