Day Three in Guatemala

August 10, 2016

Blog by Hayli Poisson

August 9, 2016. Hola from Guatemala!


Some highlights from the day were an early morning walk through town, going to class with the Safe Passage students, bowling with Kevin, a student Ms. Andreozzi sponsors, and a cooking class where we prepared our own dinner. For today’s debrief we all were asked to choose a card from a deck that had a variety of cards with animals, symbols, objects, etc on them and the card chosen should represent a significant moment from the day. Below is the card each individual student chose to represent their day!

FullSizeRender 15

Cards to help process and reflect on the day.



  • Flower: During recess the kids were picking flowers and giving them to our team members. This connects to the act of learning english and blossoming into being a more fluent speaker.
  • Hot air balloon: Everything today has been a positive upward trend similar to a hot air balloon that climbs higher into the sky.
  • Silhouette: Connects to the kids and the thoughts that go through their heads.
  • Sunrise: This morning a few of us watched the sunrise and saw the beauty of the city in it’s first light.
  • Sun: Reminds us of the kids, their continuous positivity, happiness, and laughter.
  • Globe: The way in which we communicate with people who are from a different country but we can still form relationships even without a common language.
  • Bald Eagle: A question was asked about a favorite animal and the best way to communicate the answer was to draw an eagle. More fun drawing pictures continued.
  • Present: That life is a gift and each person should be so grateful for all the opportunities they are presented.
  • Butterfly: The process of a butterfly and how it starts as a caterpillar and grows to become a beautiful butterfly reminds us of the kids at Safe Passage. Seeing their growth as a student in the classroom, engaged in their work, asking questions about learning English, and in return teaching us Spanish.

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Another exciting day is planned for tomorrow where we’ll spend more time at the school, work with some of the mothers and learn some new skills. Stay tuned!

Hayli Poisson


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    Great posts, Hayli! I can’t wait to hear the stories. Mr. Ruby

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