Day one at Tangwai

February 22, 2012


Quote of the day: “I don’t want to be famous if it means getting this much attention.”

Greetings from the Foreign Languages Experimental School Affiliated with Tanghu Middle School (or something like that, even the teachers at the school can’t always get the name right.) Since shortening to FLESAWTMS seems to be a bit contradictory, I think I will stick with the Chinese shortening of Tangwai. Tangwai has about 6,000 students, 5,000 of whom are in grades 7 to 12.

We had a busy day at school. We started out day with a brief sharing of stories about the host families. Everyone seems to be happy. We were soon whisked off to a group photo. In addition to a photographer, there was also the school videographer and two news crews from the local county stations doing a story on our visit.








After our photo, we went to the Welcoming Ceremony. There were speeches and performances. A number of our students (and teachers) ended up on stage performing fairly unprepared. (I was glad I had a kazoo in my bag for my talent.) During the ceremony, the host students presented gifts to our students.

After the Welcoming Ceremony, it was time for lunch. We had the opportunity to try out their dining hall. The food was good, but our students were more in awe of the size. We left before the big rush of students at 12:20, but this was the scene of the early lunch crowd as we left.

After lunch, it was time for Kungfu lessons. Our teacher has trained Chinese special forces in unarmed combat, so he kinda knew what he was doing.

We may still need a bit of work tho…

Hunter was able to find peace during the lesson.

Despite the fact that our students were mobbed by crowds of students eager to meet them.

After Kungfu, we had a brief respite of tea and oranges. Tea was followed by a campus tour. During the tour the students got to use the school television studio to record a broadcast for the weekly school news program.

Then we had time to visit with two classrooms of students. We played some games and got to know each other a bit better than before.

Finally, we all headed to a group dinner with the host students, some of the host families, and some school dignitaries. That is all for tonight. As you can see it was a very busy day, and tomorrow looks to be just as busy, with a bunch more activities around campus.



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  1. Avatar Terry says:

    Thank you for all the great pictures and keeping us updated!

  2. Avatar Todd Stewart says:

    Kudos to the photographer for keeping those of us “States bound” in the know. It has been fascinating living this experience through your camera’s lens.

  3. Avatar Pam DeNutte says:

    Thank you so very much for the updates! They are wonderful! Looks like a great trip, can’t wait to see photos and hear ALL the stories!

  4. Avatar Mozaq says:

    Wow, is this for like exchange students? When is this, i just went recently and clearly you got a more awesome experience/

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