Day 7: When the spotlight shines on the artists

March 4, 2016

Greetings, Sophomores and Sophomore-watchers! Today begin our second workshops, and while I WILL post some pics of those workshops later today, I thought that this morning I would give people a glimpse into the artists that make these four days so successful! I have included links to the artists’ websites so that you can check out for yourself the incredible talent assembled on our campus this week.

Culinary Arts

2016-03-03 02.03.50

Marc Humbert, ’07 Executive Chef, 7 Central


2016-03-02 22.01.01

Donna D’Aquino, Master metalsmith

Clothing rework shop

2016-03-03 21.47.21

Alexa Stark, 07, Designer


2016-03-02 22.23.05

Bruce Bulger, Master Craftsman


2016-03-01 23.08.33

Eric Ziner, Blacksmith


2016-03-03 02.08.26

Circus Arts

2016-03-03 21.44.07

Nettie Lane, Master Theatrical Clown

Letter Press

2016-03-02 22.04.40

David Wolfe, Master Printer


2016-03-01 22.59.37

Cooper Dragonette, Landscape painter

Improvisational Theater Arts

2016-03-04 02.14.36

CJ Lewis, Actor, Arts Educator

Next post: More pics of the students in their workshops!!



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