Day 7, part 2: When Sophomores keep working, and get their rhythm and improv on!!

March 5, 2016

George Chen, ’17. Breaking down a chicken (or two) in Culinary Arts.

All of the lines between work and play have vanished for the Huskies of 2018! Being the photographer and blogger-in-residence has allowed me to move somewhat freely around the campus over this week. The energy, focus, smiles, creativity, and production that I have seen in a few short days is truly staggering! Today I saw some great things going on, from juggling to sewing to painting to power tools. All of the artists are having a blast, getting great things out of our Sophomores.  Here are some shots from today:


Valentina Liu, ’17, in Metalworking


2016-03-04 01.49.35

Designer Alexa Stark, ’07, explains how to put the thing through the other thing, in Clothing Rework.


2016-03-04 01.57.04

Celia Mastroianni, ’07, dreams up new designs in Letter Press.


2016-03-04 01.42.34

Teddy Brown, Eva McMillan, and Ellie Bailey, ’07, in Percussion.


2016-03-04 01.45.11

Reini Tokunaga, ’18, keepin’ ’em in the air, in Circus Arts.



2016-03-04 01.48.31

Madeline Chen, ’18, working her magic in Woodworking.


2016-03-04 01.52.45

Warmer weather brings the painters outside.


2016-03-04 02.15.32

Elayna Harrison and Sasha Kokes, ’18, planning to either high-five each other. Or perhaps clobber each other.


…Then there was dinner, and artists’ presentations.  And then there was this!


…and THIS!!!!



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