Day 7 in DC

February 24, 2012

Today we explored some more museums. Our first stop this morning was the Holocaust museum. It was a gorgeous museum with so much to see and explore. We all learned quite a bit!

On our way to the museum we got to see a lovely view of the Washington monument. We have been so lucky to have beautiful blue skies everyday we have been here.

On our way back from the Holocaust museum we stopped by the National Women in Arts Museum. We got to see works from the Renaissance to more modern pieces.

We met up with Brittany Riley for dinner at a delicious spanish tapas restaurant, La Tasca. It was nice to catch up with Brittany!

We took in a 3D movie to end the night. It was a big hit!

The Washington Monument

Names of cities that had jewish populations that were lost during the war.

Images from a city where the entire population was lost.

Excerpt from the diary of a young boy named Daniel.

A dress made of coke cans in honor of Grace Kelly at the National Women in Arts Museum.

A very modern piece. Wax, metal, plastic, and fabric were also used to create this very unique piece.

Dinner at La Tasca!


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  1. Avatar Mama says:

    Looks like everyone’s having a good time. Like those dresses!

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