Day 5: When Sophomores create!

March 2, 2016

Let the workshops begin!!


2016-03-01 23.29.38

Yulin Zhou and Sasha Kokes, ’18, under the tutelage of master chef Marc Humbert, ’07.

The class of 2018 divided into ten different creative teams today and began what will be two-day workshops led by master artists and craftspeople. The workshops include:

  • Plein-air painting
  • Culinary arts
  • Improvisational theater
  • Jewelry-making
  • Woodworking
  • Clothing rework and design
  • Circus arts
  • Percussion
  • Letter press
  • Metalworking

Projects and training began this morning, and will continue on until tomorrow afternoon. Then students will begin a second worksop and the process begins all over again!

Here are a few images of today’s creativity in action:

2016-03-01 23.05.52

Steph Nichols, ’18, begins her jewelry workshop.

2016-03-01 22.57.37

Gary Wang, Ben Alford, Alex Kim, and Caroline Wu, ’18, learning to work together in improvisational theater class.

2016-03-01 23.02.24

Nick Adams, ’18, trying to figure out what a “slide” is, in plein-air painting.

2016-03-01 23.19.53

Kyung Min and Skyler Devoe, ’18, keeping it in rhythm. 1..2..3 AND 4, 1..2..

2016-03-01 22.48.04

Henry McCarthy, 18‘, trying to cut straight AND keep all ten fingers.

2016-03-01 23.09.40

Ellie Bailey, ’18, working metal.

2016-03-01 23.05.34

Olivia Erwich, ’18. It’s all in the details, Olivia.

2016-03-01 23.07.35

Alec Tucker, 18′, building the perfect square in metalworking.

2016-03-01 23.08.45

Duncan Forbes, ’18, dons a second layer of facial protection in metalworking. Smart thinking, Duncan.

2016-03-01 23.19.59

Andrew Gray and Elise Leary-Forrey, ’18, keeping the beat.

2016-03-01 23.13.20

Matt Szuba, 18, just discovered that juggling is actually hard. Wait ’til he gets to the trapeze…


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