Day 4: When Sophomores have FUN!!!

March 2, 2016

Today is officially “fun day” for the class of 2018! the schedule is packed with “things that Sophomores like” including “food”, “fun”, and “friends”. So the day began with an activity near and dear to the 10th grade:

They slept in.

Yes, we began this day with brunch at 10:30. The omelettes were delicious.

Then students met to choose workshops for the next four days, and quickly thereafter jumped into every vehicle that Gould Academy owns (except for the bus, and the little utility truck that our maintenance staff fights over) and headed for Hebron Academy and its ice rink.

Because what says fun better than 70 teenagers playing broomball? Let’s take a look:


Ready, set, DODGEBALL! Oh, uh, I mean BROOMBALL!!

Ready, set, DODGEBALL! Oh, uh, I mean BROOMBALL!!

2016-03-01 02.47.40

Beth Gibson and Ana Rossow, ’18. Two Happy spectators.




2016-03-01 02.58.49

Madeline Chen, Sherry Chen (no relation), Caroline Wu, Milly Detels, and Ben Alford, all ’18, getting revved up for their turn.













2016-03-01 02.59.14-1

Pablo Borunda, ’18, being Pablo.


Celia Mastroianni, ’18. “Stop talking Cassie, I’m trying to watch the ball.”








2016-03-01 02.53.51

AJ Dykstra, Pablo Borunda, Mercer Chen, Reini Tokunaga, Guillermo Mateus, and Skyler Devoe, ’18. A potent mix of broomball power.


And then there were movies and dinner. Buffalo Wild Wings in Auburn hosted most of the class for an evening of lively conversation and livlier “blazin’ wings”.  Students may or may not have been seen moaning, crying, and seeking relief from the searing burn of ghost peppers.

2016-03-01 07.32.07

Sherry, Caroline, and YeonJin, 18′ ready for some eatin’.

2016-03-01 07.57.13

Olivia Erwich, Nicole Kutenplon, AJ Dykstra, and Teddy Brown, ’18. Happy diners!






2016-03-01 07.31.31

I agree, Reini.










The teachers had fun today too!

The teachers had fun today too!


On to the art workshops tomorrow!!!




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