Day 2, part 2: When Sophomores have down time

February 29, 2016

So much happened today, I almost forgot to show you all in e-Four Point Land what those in-between times look like here! Here are a few shots to keep you entertained until tomorrow’s big community service day!!!

2016-02-28 01.29.10

Lindsey and Eva, ’18: 2 strong legs and 2 brilliant smiles!

2016-02-27 23.58.55

Sophia, Valentina, and Madeline, ’18: Water bottles, stickers, markers, and goofiness!
















Noah Grammas, 18, thinking deeply.

Brenna Myles, '18, loves journaling!

Brenna Myles, ’18, loves journaling!


Sophomores, water bottles, and journals. Who could ask for more?



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