Day 2 in Quebec

November 17, 2015

Today, our focus was skating – technique and threshold intervals.  In the first session in the morning we worked on downhill technique.  The girls then all skied behind Leela and enjoyed learning how to really ski the downhills well.  The boys all grouped up behind seniors Andrew and Caleb, and their pack glided effortlessly time after time around the 2.5k loop.  At our lunch session, 4-6  6 min. threshold intervals was the workout after a good 20 minute warm up.  Coach Bailey skied five of the intervals with Marcus, Andrew, and Caleb and then Jeremy jumped in on the last one.  I skied an interval or two with everyone else on the team.  As a team, we are working on transitions and finding the speed where the speed is easy.  GouldteamFred

Brad Clarke
Dr. Clarke is the Associate Dean of Academics and History Department Chair at Gould. He loves his family, trail running, playing baseball, and his epic collection of vinyl records.

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  1. Avatar Martha says:

    Thanks Brad. Sounds like fun. Keep those updates coming!

  2. Avatar Sherry says:

    Looks like everyone is having fun. Thanks for the update.

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