Davies Traditions

May 24, 2012

As I think you all know, we live in the dorm and have done for 9 years, 7 years in Davidson (D-Block or Avidson)  and the last 2 in Gehring (The Big House)

With years passing by, and the the rotation of dorm residents, I’ve worked out that we’ve lived with approximately 250 different individuals. And even though we can’t make a connection with everyone, we do end up with an adviser like connection  with the residents of the floor we reside on.

And if you lived with us you are aware of some of the things we do, that have become Davies Traditions.

The most constant, and  loved tradition. Is room clean morning breakfast. After the room clean on Tues mornings (it used to be Fridays) we offer crumpets and tea/coffee, this started as a mild bribe for the boys “do your room, and you can have crumpets” And it worked, the boys ate it up literally. Nowadays it’s just what we do, tradition.

The great English Crumpet

“But what are crumpets” I hear you cry. Well imagine if a English muffin and a pancake pro-created ? You’d end up with a crumpet.

Another tradition is Secret Santa, a pretty standard one, but always a lot of fun. Especially when you add English Christmas food.

Secret Santa

Our third tradition also has to do with breakfast, on the morning of graduation, we gather the seniors from our floor and take them for breakfast. This tradition has a couple of objectives.

  1. To get breakfast on graduation day.
  2. To get to see our seniors before they get enveloped into graduation day.
  3. To reflect on their time at Gould.
  4. To get breakfast on graduation day.

This year for the second time, not sure what denotes a tradition, Helen is making quilted wall hangings, with pictures and quotes from the outgoing seniors. These hang in the lobby of Gehring, so incoming girls can learn from the wise words of girls who’ve gone through what there about to, and returning girls can remember old friends.

These are just some of the quirky little things that we do, that have become tradition. What Gould traditions do you remember.?

Class of 2012

Good luck and see you soon, to all 2012 “SENIORS……!”

Chris and Helen


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