Daily Confusions

December 11, 2015

As I sit here in the library on a Friday night, writing an essay for my AP Literature class, I am thinking about the amount of time management that is necessary in these three weeks before we go on break again. Not only do we have projects, but we also are adjusting to the winter schedule, where sports take up half of everyday.


Some of the daily confusions that I’ve captured from around campus include:

“What time does class start?”

“How much time in between classes?”

“What time does the Comp/Prep bus leave?”

“Do we have formal dinner?”

“Is formal dinner at 5:45 or 6:00?

“What are the dots tomorrow?”

“Wanna go to the IGA?”

“Are you going to lunch?

“Do we have assembly?”

“Do I have enough time to shower?”

“When is check-in?”

“Are you going to the Science Center?”

“Did you do the homework?”

Teachers: “When am I going to see you again?”

“Will it be on Canvas?”

“Who’s on duty?”

“Is Math/Science/Writing/Language Center open tonight?”

“What are you wearing to class?”

“Is the printer working?”

“What’s for lunch/dinner?”

“Are you getting more food?”

“Will you wait for me?”

“Is the Mountain Explorer running?”

“When’s it going to snow?”

“Do you have any food?”

“Do you have a charger?”

“Can I borrow your calculator?”

“Why can’t we drive to the mountain?”

“Did you do the homework?”

“Will (insert teacher name here) be mad if I don’t do my homework?”

“Have you finished the essay?”

“Have you started the essay?”

“Is this dress code?”

“Is the internet working for you?”

“How many days left until break?”

“Do you have your key-card?”

“…….Wait, what time does class start again??”


So, for any of you that actually read all of those, you now have a look into the daily life of a student adjusting to the Winter schedule at Gould Academy. Hope you enjoyed.


And a song:


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