cute cruisers & million dollar cheescakes

February 7, 2011

This past weekend was Parents Weekend here at the academy, and although I have been home sick for the past ten days, I heard there was quite a large turnout.  One of the highlights of the weekend is the Friday night Four Point Auction, where proceeds go to directly fund the different aspects of Four Point such as the Freshman’s trip to China, and the gear for the Junior week-long winter camping trip.  Some of the famous items that have been donated in the past couple years have been:

– Your own parking spot (day students only) conveniently located next to Bingham (makes walking to assembly in the blistering cold much more pleasant)

– Ski packages for places such as Jackson Hole, Wyoming

– Cute Schwin cruiser bikes (perfect for summer)

– Mrs. Manning’s famous cheesecake… now sells for close to 6,000 dollars?! (maybe not worth a million dollars, but I’ve heard they come pretty close to tasting that good)

The people who donate these amazing prices are very generous to fund some of the experiences that make Gould such an amazing place.

Until next week, stay warm and remember… 11 days ’till vacation!


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