Cut! That’s a wrap.

March 9, 2015

Wow! It’s hard to believe that our week together has come to an end. I have had such a fun week getting to know our beloved students in new ways, watching them fail and try again, persevere and, finally, succeed. I am stuffed to the gils with tasty food. I am tired but content. I have a feeling (I asked two or three students) that the Sophomores are feeling the same way, but magnified x 1000.

Today the students finished workshop #2. The stakes were high. Dustin and his crew had to crank out some big time culinary treasures. I made sure to do a taste test of the sushi before they put it on the platters (tough job, someone had to do it). There were last minute welds being made. Last minute lines on drawings. Last minute stitches. Finishing touches on performances. Yet, frenetic it was not. The energy was up with positive excitement in the air.

IMG_0715 IMG_0717

IMG_0719 IMG_0720

IMG_0721 IMG_0724



IMG_0726 IMG_0729 IMG_0730 IMG_0731 IMG_0732 IMG_5239 IMG_5236 IMG_5234 IMG_5232 IMG_5230



After the workshops concluded, the students got to work setting up the dining room for our lovely dinner. From art displays to sushi prep to table setting, they did it all. That seems to be an emerging theme, no?

IMG_3806 IMG_3807



IMG_3809 IMG_3812



IMG_3813 IMG_3814 IMG_3815 IMG_3818 IMG_3819 IMG_3824 IMG_3825 IMG_3826


And then it was time to reunite with families, enjoy the fruits of our labor, and celebrate with friends at dinner.

IMG_3828 IMG_3830








IMG_3855 IMG_3856

IMG_3831 IMG_3834 IMG_3836 IMG_3837 IMG_3839



An expression of gratitude from our artists!


Congratulations and many thanks to all of our Sophomores and their families, the artists, and the faculty and staff here at Gould for a fabulous week and night!


The Class of 2017!

See you all next year!


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