Culture in Small Town America

November 3, 2011

OK, so we almost always talk/write about things that have happened, tonight we will be letting you know about what is happening this weekend.

This Friday there will be an Art Show in the Art Cottage from 6pm – 8pm called “Painters, Players and Poets” apparently it’s very interactive, you listen to music and poems while looking at the art, sounds very intriguing….!

If art isn’t your thing, we will also be offering Dance, Saturday Nov 5th 9:45pm and Monday 9:15pm both performances are in the Sanborn Library.

Also the Gould Fall Production “Voices in Conflict,” a production created by students from Wilton, CT, which explores the complex issues that surround the war in Iraq. The shows will be at 7:30pm Friday and Saturday in Bingham Auditorium. This performance is not suitable for younger children.

For the more sporty of you, our Mountain Bike Team is going to New Hampton for their championship. And the soccer teams have playoff games on Friday, at home I believe.

So lots to keep you entertained.

Also, if anyone wants to take a look at the internet, the elders lent it to me (Mr. Davies) and it’s in Gehring lobby. Just be very careful with it and don’t break it, because I have to give it back at some point.

Behold The Internet

All the Best

And have fun this weekend

The Davies’s’s’s’s’s


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