Ctenophores, Cnidarians, and other Cnonsense

April 17, 2012

Hi everyone, and happy Monday. If there is such a thing. With this heat, it seems like more of a tired, hot Monday. It’s like July just decided to drop in for the day. And after yesterday’s activities I’m feeling especially tired. Let me explain. Yesterday (that’s Sunday) my AP Bio class left at 7:00 AM for Boston to go to the aquarium. It was a purely educational expedition….FIELD TRIP!!! We drove the 4 hours into Boston and took the T (how exciting!) into the center of town.

The crew with our friend the ray

It was my first time being at the Aquarium since, maybe, 5th grade. You might think that, getting older, the Aquarium would hold less excitement. Not the case! If anything, knowing about these creatures’ evolutionary origins made it even more interesting. Led by our trusty tour guide, Mr. Southam, we saw everything the aquarium had to offer, from friendly seals to cephalopods and cuttlefish. We got to touch some cownose rays, battling hordes of little kids to get to the touch tank.

We also saw Under the Sea at the IMAX in 3D! It was amazing! It was my first time seeing a 3D movie and it knocked my socks off. There is nothing like watching a cuttlefish snap up unsuspecting prey on 3D IMAX. With the huge screen, 3D perspective, and sound effects, you kind of feel like you are the prey.

luminous jellyfish

As a spur-of-the-moment decision at the end of the day, we made a brief visit to a real live actual beach to experience first hand some of the marine life we had been looking at on screens and through glass all day. The coolest thing was probably the skate egg case that Mr. Southam found (see below). These little black pouches are a common sight on New England beaches, but usually they are empty. This time, we got lucky, and found one that had a little baby skate in it (skates are like rays). Don’t worry, it was already dead!

No, Jason, you can't take it back to your room...

Now it’s Monday, and we’re back to the usual grind. On the agenda for today: hot weather and DNA testing on two identical twins. As always, I’ll be back next week with some (hopefully) interesting stuff in store.


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    We missed you Sunday, but your trip sounded fabulous!

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