Crossing Boarders

October 1, 2012

No, I didn’t misspell that. That’s exactly who Gould students were this weekend here at the Academy: boarders who crossed borders.

If you were to ask Gould boarders about their favorite thing about Gould, many would say the weekends. Yes, it’s a time for us to kick back and not freak out about Doctor Clarke’s history tests or Ms. Frailey’s precalc pop quizzes, but it’s also a time to venture off campus.

For me, weekends are great at Gould because there is always a trip somewhere. Somewhere could be the Portland Mall, Walmart in Oxford, midnight madness with Ms. Oliver and ‘Moons over my hammy’ at Denny’s, serving at the soup kitchen at Preble Street in Portland with Ms. Andreozzi, or even a nice walk over the route five bridge to Dunkin Donuts.

This weekend, I found myself traveling to Portland with Ms. Andreozzi, Molly Stichter (’13), Nika Chislov (’14), Mona Heckerd (’14), and Lan Truong (’14). We made stops at food heaven (aka Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods) and also at the Old Port to Gould students’ exclusive fashion supplier, Urban Outfitters.

But we also had dinner at Saigon Restaurant, a locally-owned business serving some of Portland’s finest Vietnamese food. Lan was particularly excited for the meal, not only because it was delicious, but Lan comes to Gould from her native Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

I was able to enjoy a really interesting tofu soup, a popular dish at the restaurant, and also tasted ‘phở’ soup, an traditional Vietnamese noodle soup served with beef. Everyone had something delicious, and we left the restaurant very happy (and very full). 

Alike to this trip, weekends at Gould allow us students to experience something that we may have never done before. Students are able to experience life in Bethel, but have many opportunities to branch out as well. For Lan, this trip was especially memorable ~ not only because she had some of her favorite food, but because she was also able to share it with us as well.



Waiting in anticipation for next weekend,

yours truly!


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