Cross Country, but why?

October 10, 2013

Hello everybody!

As some of you may know, I am running cross country this fall.  So why do I run cross country?  You have no idea how many questions and blank stares I receive after I tell someone.  Why?  Are you crazy?  These questions come up nearly on a daily basis.  Mine, along with most of my other teammates’ response is, I honestly have no idea.  Nobody really knows why they do sports like cross country.  I decided to get to the bottom of this conundrum.  I found these responses after a quick poll of my team one day after practice.


“Its fun, I guess…”

“The team is fun, but the whole running thing, not so much”

“My roommate forced me.”

“I showed up on accident.”

“I hate soccer”

“Becoming fit would be nice, but at this rate I will have to run for the rest of my life.”

“It challenges you like nothing else does.”

“It feels good.. afterward..”

“I like winning… but that hasn’t happened yet.”

“You can eat WHATEVER you want to!”


Pratt (’15) leading the pack. (Photo creds to Alex (’15))

As you can see, our team is wicked cool.  We have been having a fantastic year so far.  Some top results of the season include Henry’s (‘15)  8th place finish at the largest high school meet in the state of Maine.   Teams from Nova Scotia all of the way down to Rhode Island participated, nearly 1700 runners in total .  The rest of us have been working our times down minute by minute, while having a blast at the same time.


Henry (’15) way out front at a recent home race. (Photo creds to Alex (’15) )

So the next time you ask a cross country runner (or any endurance athlete, for that matter) if they are crazy, just go out and try it for yourself. You never know how much fun you could have!


The girls contingent posing after a recent race. (Photo creds to Alex (’15))

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  1. Avatar John Smithers says:

    Way to keep the pace Henry James

  2. Avatar Mia says:

    Awesome, I love xc!

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