Creating Art in Precalculus

November 24, 2017


There are two main goals in Honors Precalculus. Number one is to help students become sophisticated problem solvers by using a variety of mathematics in unique ways, and the second is to help students learn about transcendental functions.

A small snippet of the functions that were used recreating American Gothic.

This “recreating artworks” project is designed to help students with the first goal. By intentionally creating functions and equations, and manipulating their domains, students were able to control the curves to recreate famous works of art. The fact that they could choose which piece of art they desired to recreate, and how they attacked the problem allowed them to experiment and play with the shape and location of functions independently. This also allows them to become more confident with the concepts of functions, domain, and range, as well as function notation. Take a look at some of their work below. Can you name them all?



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