Crawling across the finish line

February 23, 2016

OVERHEARD ON SKI PATROL: “Hey Jefe, snow is cold!”

Oh really?

So here we are, in the final week of the winter term at Gould Academy. The last big push-over-the-cliff before Four Point and Spring Break begin.

I think I can, I think-I-can, I…think…I…can…



So here’s something interesting for you to think about, while looking at a map of Scandinavia (Norwegian, for “land-of-looking-over-supper-options). I bet you never thought about Nordic skiing and it’s effect on the English language. But think of this: What if…What if Nordic skiing (called that because it was invented in Norway) was originally a race all the way across Sweden? That would explain both

A: Why it is also called “cross country skiing”, and
2: Why the end of the race is called the “Finnish Line”.

Keep thinking about it. It’ll wake you up laughing at about 3 in the morning.

As i said, before I saw something shiny, this is the end of the winter term. Winter at Gould can feel a bit like being a running back; you put your head down, punch through the defense, and hope to make it through to the goal line before you are brought down by 873 pounds of linebacker. Here’s a visual example of what can happen to a teacher during the winter trimester:

Here are some Gould teachers on January 3:

Gould teachers at work:



Nice, right? Now here are a few Gould teachers on February 21:



I know, I know. The transformation is frightening.

But we continue here, with the drive and energy that Gould students are famous for. Just last night I was able to participate in a mock-trial, presided over by the Right Honorable Judge Ruby. The trial was entirely run by said Judge Ruby’s class of Seniors, who are learning about the inner workings of our courts system. I was more than impressed by the work put in by the “attorneys”, “witnesses”, and even the “jury” (for which I had the honor of serving as the “foreman”). Honestly, everyone in the school should have seen this fine example of what “The People’s Court” can only hope to be when it grows up. Gongrats and well done to all participants. I now have another lifelong fear to add to the list: of someday being cross-examined by Will Cole, Esq.

So to all the Gould students and adults, I say- keep digging! The goal line is just ahead of you. Soon enough we’ll all be doing our celebratory end-zone dance. Here’s where I’ll be doing mine in 2 weeks:


Basilica del Pilar, Zaragoza, Spain

Basilica del Pilar, Zaragoza, Spain


Happy Four-pointing and Spring break-ing, y’all!!!





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  1. Avatar Dr. Don, '60 says:

    I hope you have been practicing your best Castillian lithp for Tharagotha.

  2. Avatar Chaia says:

    The end of the winter term isn’t a celebration for everybody! Some people- like myself- are dreading their return to their old middle schools.

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