Crashed Ice… Really?

February 8, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone!

This week I have another video for you.  I have a new sport that is so out there, that I don’t even know what to say. It’s called “Crashed Ice,” and it involves four skaters skating as fast as they can down a course with a series of jumps and turns. Fast forward to 15 minuets into the video. You will get to see the USA win the heat and some guy fall right before he crosses the finish line.


All right, let’s play “good idea, bad idea.” Flying down the course at high speeds, with full contact, and incredibly sharp metal on your feet…I’m going to say bad idea. This would be terrifying. But, “Crashed Ice” is quite entertaining to watch. I have been watching these videos for the past week! When they crash, they slide along the ice and struggle to get back up! It’s pretty funny.


Switching gears a little bit, this weekend is parents’ weekend here at the Academy. Along with parents’ weekend, we are supposed to get a huge snow storm! So for all of those parents out there with on-snow athletes, don’t try to hold them back from the mountain in the morning! I have seen reports that are predicting anywhere from 2″-3″ all the way up to 16″-24″. This is exactly what we need. The campus is looking a little green for early February. So everybody do their superstitious activity that will ensure the 24″ of snow!

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