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September 2, 2017

I often look calm when I’m not. That was the scene seven years ago when Kathy and I first visited Gould. I can still feel it. We were excited and hopeful. It was an interview for a dream job at a dream school. But there I was, in the place I wanted to be with a fast pulse and tight chest.

Some of you may feel this way when you arrive. It’s normal. I won’t tell you to ignore it; you can’t. But let me share some things that might help.

Aerial view of Gould Campus

Gould – Campus Aerial View

You’ve chosen Gould, and we have chosen you. You’ve visited campus, interviewed, studied the website, scoured the web, talked with family and friends about your decision, met people, and can see yourself thriving here. We are thrilled that you’re coming. Trust your decision.

Gould Life - Students Hugging Each Other

Gould Life

The people here are warm and kind. Sit at any lunch table and strike up a conversation; you won’t be disappointed. Part of my interview process was to sit and chat with 30 Gould students about anything they had in mind. They were warm, cared about their school, and just wanted to understand me. I really fell in love with them when one asked: “Who’s your favorite Harry Potter character?” We laughed, and conversation flowed (BTW, it’s Ron. Stop by to find out why). Trust the people.

Gould Life - 9th Grade Program

Gould Life – 9th Grade Program

You can do hard things, and you won’t do them alone. You’re clearly brave and owning your future by coming to Gould. You’ll face challenges here that will stretch you. Sometimes you will fail, and life will throw curve balls. It will happen to everyone, even people you think have it all under control. You can do these hard things. And at every turn, you will have friends, an advisor, teachers, coaches, and dorm parents to lean on, commiserate with, and seek help and advice from. Trust yourself.

We can’t wait to see you here. It’s going to be a wonderful year, and you will grow and do great things.

See you soon.

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