Cooking with Chef Dustin Holzweiss

February 23, 2011

Students are preparing for our final meal together on sophomore four point. Students were busy this morning, de boning chickens, cutting vegetables, making truffles, and preparing salmon.

Max is really taking charge over those carrots.

According to Dustin the students were pros at chicken de-boning. Some of the students had previous experience, this clearly came in handy today.

The mushrooms were sliced perfectly.

The students got a quick lesson in how to prepare salmon. I had never seen this done before, and some of the students had not either. Dustin did a great job of explaining the process.

Even Mrs. Donovan jumped in on the action.

According to Yuta fish eyes are one of the best parts of a fish. He says that they will make you smart.

Penny is a pro.

Lily provided some moral support.

Chocolate truffle making was popular. I think the tasting was more popular than the making.

I am really looking forward to this meal. By the looks of it, it is going to be great.


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