May 17, 2012

Although the snow has gone, I have been away from Gould more now than ever, I’m actually writing this Glog entry from a Hotel room in Mammoth California. Where I am part of a coaching team, at the USSA Project Gold Camp. A camp of selected up and coming riders and freestyle skiers. A week ago I was in Canada with Helen, Ottawa to be exact, making a visit to the US consulate to get some paperwork squared away, I’ll spare you all the details, as they’re quite boring.

Anyway, the point of the title is, that with all this time away from Gould, we’ve stayed connected. Examples of this are as follows.

  • Telephone calls – the obvious one, if someone needs something or we want to know what’s happening. Make the call.
  • Email – getting up to date emails, of anything I need to deal with, or just information.
  • Facebook – with all the different pages, interesting things are shared, from the farm, library, LAX field, college councilling, etc.
  • Glog – Only the best Blog in the universe.
  • Twitter – sports updates, fun info, and now even the daily announcements.

So basically Gould has stuff to keep you connected, if you feel like your not, click on a couple of the links above and get connected. It’s easy, plus Gould Life is a great place to access all the social media stuff and browse through what we do daily.



By the way, Bo Warren ’15 was one of the up and coming snowboarders that was selected for the Project Gold Camp, good job Bo.


All the Best

Chris D


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