Confessions of a Wannabe Hipster

October 22, 2012


I’m happy to return to campus once more tonight. Although all of my classmates returned on Wednesday from our long weekend, I had an extended stay at home for, you guessed it, a college interview.

On Saturday, I met with the University of Florida. For those of you who know me, you know that this school means so much to me; to be quite honest, I have been dreaming of attending UF since my whole college search began. To keep it simple, the interview went perfectly! The meeting was an event by itself; the admissions representative held our interview at the Gin Mill Lounge in Manhattan, the official ‘Gator’ bar of NYC: it was game day on Saturday, meaning the place was stuffed with over 350 UF alums who were all too happy to meet me and share a little about UF. If anything, my interview only added to my wild hope of becoming a Gator myself.

While I was waiting for Saturday to arrive, however, I spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in my hometown of Manhattan. It was a great time to meet up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while and enjoy the city, while studying on the side, of course (duh!). I was able to enjoy a full three days getting ‘reacquainted’ with all my old haunts in SoHo.

If you can read the title of this post and understand perfectly, let me speak directly to you. For the last five years or so, social culture in Manhattan (and pretty much all over the US) has invented the idea of a hipster; an individual straying from the pack by choices in lifestyle, fashion, music, passions, and personality.

In my never ending strive to keep with the flow of culture in SoHo, I have jumped through many hoops in order to attempt to keep somewhat of a ‘hipster’ status. Well, not exactly hipster hipster, but I definitely keep up with the crowd.

Being a hipster in the city consists of many things, yet one thing is essential; the idea of ‘bare essentials’ and entertaining the idea of ‘hobo chic’. ‘Hobo chic’, in basicity, is appearing to look like you haven’t spent much effort, time, or money into your appearance and lifestyle.  However, in the past week, I’ve kinda come to the conclusion that, well…hipsters are complete hypocrites.

Think about it: in an effort to entertain this ‘hobo chic’ and appear to have a ‘hipster’ fashion style, how much money have you spent? On things that are so simple, poorly made, and understated? Like going to Urban Outfitters and spending fifty four dollars on a blouse that is ‘vintage’ with rips and is shrunk in all the wrong places. Or buying ‘cobbler’ shoes that are already worn thin for over ninety dollars (guilty as charged).

See, I thought I would impress a friend (thanks, Lo) this Thursday by taking her to the hottest ‘hipster’ neighborhood in NYC right now, a place called Williamsburg in Brooklyn. It is here that the hipster runs wild and free in everyone. So after walking around and stopping at all the Anthropolgie look-a-likes, we decided to go to a little french restaurant on seventh called La Maison. Of course, the peeling paint, beat-up furniture, and exposed lightbulbs fit right into the neighborhood and the ‘hipster’ façade. And then I looked at the menu.

Everything cost more than two meals put together. Literally! They even charged you for bread! And I chose to have the cheapest thing on the menu, the “peasant stew”. I’m sorry, but what kind of peasants have stew for twenty-two dollars a piece? Where are these peasants and how can I get in on the action?! For what I was paying, they should have showered me in rose petals and painted me a portrait like the ones in the Louvre.

I realized, in the end, that the whole idea of this ‘hobo chic’ is just pointless. I could move to Wisconsin (could being the key term) where there is cheap rent, inexpensive utilities, and I can be as ‘hobo chic’ as my little heart desires ~ for half the price.


Following me? Cause the whole city of New York isn’t. Sheesh!


Till next time!

~ Zee 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Avatar Martha Siegel says:

    Well said! Thanks, you made me laugh on a Monday morning!

  2. Avatar Doug Alford says:

    Great Glog, Zee! I’ve been trying to figure out the hipster thing, and you just explained it in 500 words or less!

  3. Avatar Soleil says:

    HAHAHAHA you are the cutest. You don’t need Urban ~ just give me your clothes and I will ‘vintage’ em up for you so you can be Mister Hipster.

  4. Avatar Lauren says:

    El oh elll, that day was hilarious! I had the best time with you…miss you already boo! Hope Maine isn’t frozen yet 🙂 call me soon, yeah?

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